What is SEARCH?

The SEARCH initiative is a research project implemented within the international frameworks of the EU Action Plan on Environment and Health; and the World Health Organization’s Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe. The SEARCH initiative is supported financially and technically by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) through the Italian Trust Fund (ITF).

The first phase of the SEARCH initiative (2006–2009) led to the creation of a comprehensive environment and health database through assessments in selected countries. Based on the SEARCH I conclusions and recommendations, the initiative was reaffirmed at the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, held in Parma, Italy, in 2010. Stakeholders and experts requested the follow-up project, SEARCH II, to continue the valuable research activities.

The results of the SEARCH II project (2010-2013) contribute to the 2014 mid-term review of the Parma Declaration of WHO Europe. The SEARCH II environmental health research shows children's exposure to indoor air pollution and the resulting health impacts, and the project's conclusions and recommendations support the development of environmental and health policies in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.

The SEARCH II project results are presented in the publication Making Schools Healthy: Meeting Environment and Health Challenges. The online version of this publication, with supplementary figures and tables, can be found in the Outcomes section of this website.

19 February 2014

Following the SEARCH II project’s successful completion of activities and deliverables—one requirement being the...

17 April 2013

The SEARCH II project is now in its closing phase and the final conference will take place on June 6, 2013, at the premises of...

17 April 2013

The SEARCH II project will be presented at Green Week in Brussels, Belgium, on June 6, 2013. The event “Clean air and...

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