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March 18, 2012

Activity update

Schools were selected to participate in the project in October and November 2011, in cooperation with the regional education directorates. Ten schools were chosen: eight in Tirana and two in Durres. The school principals, whose support is vital to the success of project activities, were provided with information about the overall scope of the project and their involvement. Basic project documents have been translated into Albanian and the project team, comprising staff from the REC’s country office in Albania, an energy expert and an intern from Tirana University, has been established. The team prepared a monitoring plan based on the project guidance materials.

All eight schools in Tirana have now been visited and the final measurement phase has begun. Some of the participating schools are old buildings while others have recently been renovated and feature a variety of ventilation and heating systems. Fifth-grade students were chosen to participate, as they were considered most capable of answering the questionnaires.


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