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March 18, 2012

Activity update

Hungary plays a key role in the SEARCH II project, providing experts at both national and international level. Field activities started in October 2011 with visits to eight SEARCH I schools in Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc and Pecs. The schools are familiar with the SEARCH project and the activities have been implemented smoothly.

The energy consumption and health comfort assessments were carried out between November 2011 and March 2012. The energy consumption monitoring, based on questionnaires and data loggers, took 10 days in each school, in line with the project guidelines. The health comfort measurements were carried out in the course of one day in each school (20 minutes per classroom), with pupils filling in health comfort questionnaires in the three selected classrooms in which the data loggers were located. Levels of carbon dioxide were also monitored. The project team is planning a one-day national meeting as a follow-up to the field activities in May 2012.

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