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March 18, 2012

Activity update

Italy plays a key role in the SEARCH II project, providing expert input at both national and international level. A total of 15 schools were selected in Italy, with an even geographical distribution. Three of the schools had already participated in SEARCH I with significant research results. The school visits are proceeding well and the field activities are due to be concluded at the end of March 2012. Activities so far include the management of the energy consumption and health comfort questionnaires; measurements of indoor air parameters using data loggers in at least two classrooms in each school; the monitoring of health comfort parameters in three different parts of the classroom (near a window; middle of the classroom; near the door); the measurement of indoor temperature on 10 days inside the classrooms (with KIMO data loggers); and the recording of the outdoor temperature.

All project documents have been translated into Italian and a brief guidance document has been distributed in schools. A record was kept of the number of students; the distribution of desks in the classrooms; whether the doors and windows were open or closed during the monitoring; the type of lighting and energy-consuming appliances; and other important measurement conditions. The Italian expert team has organised five coordination meetings and two trainings on indoor air quality and the use of data loggers.

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